7 Tips for Smart Back-to-School Shopping

Shopping for those back-to-school necessities can get expensive! Backpacks for school and all school supplies seem to get pricier every year. But between online shopping and school supplies stores, you can find great deals on the things your child needs to get back into the swing of things.

  1. kids school backpacks backpack 300x170 7 Tips for Smart Back to School ShoppingMake a list and get your child involved – The biggest mistake you can make is showing up at school supplies stores without a list. You’ll end up getting distracted and inevitably you will buy more than you need. If you include your child in the list-making process, you can also limit the impulse purchases that your child feels they must have. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it.
  2. Separate wants from needs – Communicate with your child about the difference between wants and needs. Does your child need a new backpack for school, or do they just want a new one?
  3. Start early and look for bargains during summer – Rather than rushing to get everything at once, slowly check off items from your list over summer when. Prices can be especially low, both in school supplies stores and when shopping online.
  4. Shopping online – If you start early and know what your child will need, you may find some things they want for better prices with online shopping.
  5. Buy basics in bulk – Pens, pencils, notebooks can all be purchased in bulk for a better deal.
  6. Watch for promotions – Does anyone buy at regular prices anymore? Start early and you can buy when things are on sale.
  7. Look for stores that offer a student discount – Many school supplies stores will offer good prices, but they may not offer student discounts since all of their customers are students. Shop around and always ask if there are discounts for students.

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