Tech gadget gifts for $299 or less

Whether it is the holidays or just any other regular occasions, every person is on the lookout for the best gifts that they can give to that person.  If you are among these people, you are also on the lookout for a very good gadget yet on a cheap price.

With this, here are the following high end gadgets that you can buy at the price of $299 or less.

  1. iPod Nano 8GB: ($139.98): This is the perfect gift idea for people who are into music.  iPod Nano 8GB is now offering more since Apple released the latest iPod Nano with camera.  And aside from being renowned when it comes to media, it can even let you save your voice memos or pair it up with your sports gear so you can listen nanoimage Tech gadget gifts for $299 or lessto your favorite music even while working out.
  2. Flip Ultra: ($129.99): Taking video has never been easy, fashionable and compact thanks to Flip Ultra.  It has a very slim body that can basically fit anywhere.  It can also record high quality videos as it has a bigger memory space and will let you choose from a wide variety of colors that will fit your gift receiver’s personality.
  3. iPod Shuffle($16.99): iPod Shuffle has been released in order to let people have high quality music listening without the bulk of getting those big music players.  Another genius idea from Apple, they have released a new generation of iPod Shuffle making it much compact and considered as the smallest music player in the world.  With the size smaller than regular-sized keys, these new iPod Shuffles come in different bright colors that will be loved by the new owners.
  4. TiVo Series2 DT DVR ($149.99):  If the receiver loves to download television series or streaming, the TiVo Series2 DT DVR is the perfect gift from them.  It can be hooked up easily on satellite or cable box for recording.  At the same time, they can also work together with an internet connection and have it record the movies that tivoimega Tech gadget gifts for $299 or lessthey are streaming online.  This is also helpful if they will be missing out an episode of the series that they are tuning in.
  5. Sony BDP-S360 Blu-Ray Disc Player ($177.25): Blu Ray discs have been available in the market because it can store high quality videos; and now Sony came up with the BDP-S360 Blu-Ray Disc Player so people can play high theater quality videos right in the comfort of their own homes.
  6. Microsoft 16GB Zune HD Video MP3 Player: ($219.99): Compact, stylish, high end — these are the qualities that you can get from Zune music players.  These are good gift ideas for people who want to have a high quality music experience with its wireless capabilities.
  7. Xbox 360 Arcade: ($199.99): For an organized gaming experience, Xbox 360 Arcade has a wireless controller so gamers can play without seeing entangled cords on the console.  And since it is white in color, they can make their gaming areas look organized and clean while playing their high end games.

As you can see, giving high end gadgets need not be that expensive.  By choosing these gifts, you can make people happy without spending too much money.

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