Books and Video Games – What Children Want Now

A couple of decades ago, a 10-year old kid would do anything for a candy bar. It is dangled as bait for them so they would do their homework or chores.  But for today’s kids, this will no longer work. Children’s wants have evolved have become more expensive –  Video games, books and magazines like Harry Potter and Twilight, etc.

Video games

videogamesimages Books and Video Games   What Children Want NowThere are hundreds of video games available for kids of all types. There are the educational, entertaining, fun, less violent and gravely violent types. These come with attractive benefits. Video games amuse kids in a way that they become a load off the parents for an hour or more.  There are several inevitable consequences of allowing this to be a trend, though. Kids who develop an addictive habit of playing video games tend to lose appetite, not only in food but also in studies and in interacting with other people. Gravely violent video games are also to watch out for.  You wouldn’t want your kids to develop violent traits in their formative years.

Books and magazines

This is the healthier and safer option. Kids may not be fond of educational books and magazines but books are books and magazines are magazines. They have words that may teach good grammar. They may have moral lessons.  They can be educational books and magazines under the guise of what kids define as cool.

But whatever these kids want, we always have to consider the appropriateness of what we give them. No matter how kids want something, parents still have to be in command.

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